Taśma ceramiczna TP 1260 2x20x30000 mm

Taśma ceramiczna TP 1260 2x20x30000 mm

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  • Benefits:

    • low thermal conductivity;
    • high strength;
    • durability;
    • measurement accuracy;
    • chemical and mechanical resistance;
    • resistance to thermal shock.
    • thermal and electrical insulation of pipes, cables;
    • sealing and insulation of doors of thermal furnaces, boilers;
    • fire protection systems;
    • sealing thermal insulation of thermal units;
    • insulation of cables and pipes;
    • fire safety systems; 
    • insulation of exhaust systems

  • Refractory thermal insulation tape is a modern refractory material made of ceramic fiber. It has high thermal insulation properties. The refractory ceramic tape is reinforced with metal wire for higher strength. This allows the material to hold the desired shape and simplifies the installation process. The tape is often used in various industries such as metallurgy, chemistry, energy, etc.

    The heat resistant ceramic fiber tape has a density of 500 kg/m3 and a high mechanical strength. This material is used in an environment with an operating temperature up to 1000 C.

    Ceramic tape is supplied in coils and has a size of 2x20x30000 mm.

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