Refractory board TP 1260 50x1000x1200 mm

Refractory board TP 1260 50x1000x1200 mm

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  • Main benefits:

    • stable strength of the material at high temperatures;
    • working constancy of density; 
    • thermal shock resistance;
    • erosion and chemical resistance; 
    • reliable mechanical strength (compression, bending); 
    • durability.

    Examples of using:

    • thermal insulation of heating furnaces;
    • refractory lining layer;
    • thermal insulation boards for the fireplace;
    • as a substitute material for electrical wiring insulation;
    • additional insulating material for brick or monolithic masonry;
    • in fire protection and noise isolation systems.

  • Refractory boards based on ceramic fiber are fire-resistant, technologically advanced insulating material. They perfectly retain their strength in a wide range of high temperatures up to 1260 C and have low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity at the same time. The thermal insulation board is rigid and strong, with high elasticity at a density of 300 kg/m3. It has an additional sound absorption effect. Its convenient and precise measurements, equal distribution of fibers (for homogeneous structure), make it easy to mark and mechanically process surfaces of the material. 

    Type: a refractory board


    • thickness 50 mm;
    • width 1000 mm;
    • length 1200 mm.

    Installation and operation manual for ceramic fiber boards

    First-time heating properties and the use of boards for lining.

    Ceramic fiber boards contain a small percentage of organic and inorganic binder. Therefore, in the process of the first-time heating, when the temperature of the board rises up to 200-300 C, the organic binder burns out, followed by intense smoke emission, a loss of mass up to 5.5% and a strength reduction of the board to 50-60% (this is the case for unpolished boards and observed only during the first-time heating). When the temperature reaches 800-900 C and above, the inorganic binder hardens and, as a result, the board material hardens up to 80% of the initial strength. Therefore, when using boards as the first (working) layer of lining, the temperature of the board body should not be lower than 900 C.

    In addition, at a working temperature close to the maximum, the boards are prone to linear shrinkage up to 3%, which must be taken into account when designing and installing the lining, by using heat shrinkable joints between individual elements. Heat shrinkable joints are made of ceramic fiber blankets of the appropriate temperature of use. The blanket with a thickness of 12.5 mm (density 128 kg / m3) is doubled and compressed during installation up to 10-12 mm (for the dimensions of the mounted boards 1200x1000 mm). When using boards as a compensation or heat-insulating layer (at a layer temperature of less than 900 C), heat shrinkable joints are not installed.

    Fastening boards during installation.

    • During installation, the boards are glued to the surface of the framework or the previous layer with heat-resistant adhesive for ceramic fibers (the temperature of use is not lower than the temperature of use of the boards). To obtain a layer of more than 50 mm, the plates are glued together using a heat-resistant adhesive for ceramic fibers.
    • The boards in the lining layer are attached to the framework with anchors and washers made of heat-resistant steel (the heat resistance of the steel should correspond to the temperature of the lining layer with the boards). The dimensions and spacing of the anchors are determined by the project (at least 9 pieces per board 1200x1000 mm).

    The design of the anchors, washers, and their fastening is determined by the project in each specific case.

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