Ceramic modular block TP 1430

Ceramic modular block TP 1430

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  • Examples of using:

    • high-temperature protection (lining) of walls and arches of various types of furnaces;
    • as a thermal insulation material for movable hoods, dampers and covers of heating installations;
    • lightweight lining for tunnel kilns, heat treatment and batch kilns.
    Basic properties:
    • high thermal stability;
    • stability in gas flows and under negative chemical influences;
    • lightweight, with a good strength and elasticity;
    • quick installation with a variety of mounting methods;
    • versatile design tasks usage;
    • reduced weight of thermal insulation and the furnaces.

  • The modular block is a high-tech, refractory, thermal insulation material for a wide range of applications. It is made from individual strips of high quality ceramic fiber blankets. To form a given density (160-220 kg / m3), the blankets are folded several times, pressed and fixed in a compressed state.

    The 1430 white ceramic modules are lightweight and have precise measurements. They steadily withstand a considerably high operating temperature of 1350 C and a temperature peak of 1430 C with low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity (at a temperature of 1000 C the heat capacity index is 1130 J).

    Type: refractory module (modular block)

    Ceramic modules are easily installed inside the heating units accelerating and improving the lining process. By removing the fixing straps, the module expands and fills the specified volumes and forms and creates an interconnected integral protection system. A variety of mechanical fasteners made of heat-resistant steel allows you to perform work of varying technical complexity.

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