Ceramic blanket TP 1260S 128 25 mm

Ceramic blanket TP 1260S 128 25 mm

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    • prolonged (working) utilization at high temperatures (up to 1100 C);
    • fiber resistance to recrystallization; 
    • invariability during thermal shifts and shocks;
    • low rate of heat capacity and thermal conductivity;
    • high mechanical strength.


    • lining and thermal insulation of industrial equipment;
    • sound and electrical insulation in rooms;
    • filtration capacity in high-temperature environments;
    • fire protection systems.
  • Ceramic fiber blanket (mat) is a product made of high quality raw materials and with the use of modern equipment. The strength of ceramic blankets is ensured by stitching their own fibers in the perpendicular direction on a special-purpose machine.

    Type: a white high-temperature insulation blanket (mat)

    This strong, dense, high-temperature material does not require drying or hardening and it is technologically ready for use. It belongs to the class of non-flammable materials and does not contain asbestos.

    Thermophysical indicators (properties) of ceramic blankets:

    • application temperature up to 1260 С;
    • density 128 kg / m3;
    • thickness 25 mm;
    • width 610 mm;
    • length 7320 mm.
    • high temperature resistance;
    • low heat capacity;
    • high strength;
    • they are among modern and demanded products.
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