Сeramic blanket TP 1430 128 25 mm

Сeramic blanket TP 1430 128 25 mm

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  • Benefits:

    • prolonged thermal stability at temperatures up to 1350 С;
    • high energy saving indicators;
    • resistance to erosion in acidic and alkaline environments with high humidity and when in contact with oils;
    • easy to install (the material is elastic, flexible and strong).


    • thermal insulation and lining of manufacturing equipment (furnaces, boilers, etc.);
    • sealing of dampers of heating furnaces (metallurgy, mechanical engineering);
    • as a raw material for further processing of modules and blocks; 
    • soundproof, fire and electrical safety systems.

  • We would like to draw customers’ attention to the blanket (mat) made of high-temperature ceramic fibers. The density and the specified thickness (25 mm) are provided by the machine sewing technology using threads of its own fiber.

    Type: a white refractory blanket (mat)

    Basic thermophysical indicators:

    • high application temperature - 1430 С;
    • insignificant linear shrinkage after 24 hours of heating at a temperature of 1100 C;
    • stable density of 128 kg / m3;
    • thickness 25 mm;
    • width 610 mm;
    • length 7320 mm;
    • thermal and mechanical strength;
    • good noise absorption effect.

    They confirm the distinctive qualities of ceramic blankets.

    A white refractory blanket does not contain asbestos and is ready for use. Even after long-term burning it restores its physical and chemical properties. It is easy to handle and can be quickly and securely attached to the required surfaces.

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